Conference Exhibitor & Sponsorship Guidelines

The Conference Sponsorship Guidelines are meant to serve as a guide for TEMA representatives in the recruitment of sponsorship support and to clearly outline the entitlements and responsibilities of sponsors related to the support of conferences organized by the non‐profit organization.

  1. Sponsor acceptance is subject to TEMA Board approval. Acceptance of sponsorship application does not indicate endorsement by TEMA or its member institutions.
  2. Companies accepted as sponsors may publicize their support of TEMA in their promotional materials as a demonstration of their support for energy efficiency, public education and community service. Companies are not permitted to link their support of TEMA with the promotion of the Company’s particular product or service.
  3. Sponsorship identification will be made on the TEMA website based on sponsorship level. Sponsor recognition will be made on event materials as appropriate, including printed programs, banners, etc.
  4. Sponsor‐provided materials will promote the sponsor’s corporate name and logo and will not include reference to any specific product or service.
  5. TEMA has sole control of the content of its promotional and educational materials and its website.
  6. TEMA reserves the right to decline sponsorship from a company whose products or activities, in the views of the TEMA Board, have a negative impact on the mission of TEMA, or that may construe a conflict of interest.
  7. All products and services represented must relate to energy savings, green technologies, or sustainable buildings.