Controls III - Virtual - Summer 2024


This course will be a workshop style class focused on Graphical Logic and Sequences of Operations. The students will learn about Logic function blocks and recap sequence of operations that will transition into individual and team workshops.  

By the end of the course, class participants Should be able to:

  •  Identify issues through a simulated graphical logic diagram
  • Create a graphical logic function block given a sequence of operation
  • Identify a sequence by looking at Function Blocks
  • Identify and write basic sequence of operations
  • Understand basics of wiring diagrams

The overall goal of this 3 level course is to provide the student with a general understanding of controls and their association with HVAC equipment, troubleshooting, energy usage, and general building operation. There will be hands-on individual and team exercises in manipulating graphics, analyzing data, logic programming and basic functional testing. This course is built to simplify the world of controls and give confidence to the students to talk the language.


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