MEM Module 2 | Obtaining an Accurate Information Database - Virtual - March 2023

March 21 - 22, 2023 - TBD


This Module will present the importance of accurate data in creating your Energy Master Plan.  Topics covered will be Obtaining a Accurate Information Data Base, Campus Descriptions and Assessments, Utility Data Analysis, Facility Benchmarking, Equipment Inventory, and Work Order History.

This course is Module 2 of the Master Energy Manager (MEM) certification. This course, and the subsequent courses built around developing a complete Energy Master Plan, is required for the MTEM certification. A final practicum will assess the individual's knowledge, understanding and competency. By the time an individual completes the full training and passes the practicum, they will have a solid master plan for their organization and acquire the MTEM certification.

MEM credit for this class is only given to those already holding their AEM certification. Applicants should take Module 1 before taking this course.

See more informaiton in the MEM Syllabus and Plan Template document.

See the MEM Certification Rubric document.

Not being offered at this time.