MEM Module 3 | Continuing Analysis - In-Person - April 2023

April 25, 2023 - TBD

This Module will present a methodology for keeping the Baseline data gathered after taking Module 2 updated and current.  Every public entity must determine the information most desired for evaluating the Energy Management Department’s progress and the success of their investments, and Module 3 provides the tools needed to determine what these continuously monitored items should be. Not only are the monitored items described, but suggestions are also made regarding how to keep getting updated data that keeps your department relevant in the eyes of other department leaders.  At the end of the session, you will have discussed a dozen areas needing continuous monitoring and discovered new and different ways to find the information you need

This course is Module 3 of the Master Energy Manager (MEM) certification. This course, and the subsequent courses built around developing a complete Energy Master Plan, is required for the MEM certification. A final practicum will assess the individual's knowledge, understanding and competency. By the time an individual completes the full training and passes the practicum, they will have a solid master plan for their organization and acquire the MEM certification.

MEM credit for this class is only given to those already holding their AEM certification. Applicants should take and complete the work for Module 1 & 2 before taking this course.

See more informaiton in the MEM Syllabus and Plan Template document.

See the MEM Certification Rubric document.

Not being offered at this time.