Annual Strategic Plan and Reports

2024 Strategic Plan

Main Goal - To engage those in Energy Management and related fields

Sub-Goal: Enhanced Networking and Engagement Opportunities

            Target: 450 in attendance at TEMA Connect

          Target: 75 in attendance at TEMA Symposium and 30 in attendance at TEMA Tables, on average

            Target: 125 in attendance at TEMA Fall Event

            Target: Improve public entity vs. corporate ratio

Sub-Goal: Improved Resources and Educational Provisions

            Target: Increase Course Participation and Follow-Through

            Target: Complete Development of the Energy Audits Course

            Target: Develop 2 additional workshops

            Target: Continue Energy Basic 101s and Candid Conversations, increase involvement

            Target: Expand Leadership Academy to Corporate members and assess option of putting part of the program online

Sub-Goal: Positive and Impactful Growth

Target: Achieve an 85% Membership Retention Rate

            Target: Connect with 50 potential members per month

            Target: Grow overall membership by 10%

Sub-Goal: Transparent Governance and Financial Security

Target: Migrate remaining membership items to Higher Logic and increase ease of access to membership

            Target: Increase opportunities for savings and continue to evaluate investment options

















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